June 12th, 2019 Press Release Crown Bees Bee Observer

June 12th, 2019 Press Release Crown Bees Bee Observer

Crown Bees Provides a Fun Educational Way to Increase Food Sources and Save the World

Humanity faces a problem that has remained out of sight and out of mind. By 2050, the estimated world population of 9.6 billion people will need to grow 70% more food than we currently produce, according to the World Resource Institute.

This increase in food production is an alarming number, but Crown Bees offers one solution: raise and distribute native bees. Pollinators, such as bees, account for around one-third of our food supply and yet we haven’t turned to raise the most effective and efficient pollinators for the job.

People hear the word bee and immediately think of the European honey bee. However, there are thousands of species of bees, and honey bees are actually ineffective pollinators. Crown Bees is on a mission to find and raise native bees that are highly efficient super- pollinators.

Currently, Crown Bees sells two super-pollinating bees, mason and leafcutter bees. These two bees can pollinate roughly 100 times more efficiently than your typical honey bee, meaning a greater crop yield and brighter future. Using Crown Bees bee homes, one can easily implement native bees into their gardening or farming practice and not just reap the benefits, but also observe the bee lifecycle and nesting habits.

Farmers who raise hole-nesting bees see tremendous growth in their yield. A local Washington orchardist, Jim Freese, saw more than a double yield for his cherry trees just one year after incorporating these super-pollinating, native bees into his farming habits.

Crown Bees conducts research to locate efficient, super-pollinating native bees, raises hundreds of thousands of them, then ships them to farmers and home growers alike. Through this method, they envision a brighter future with exponentially more food.

The release of Crown Bees latest product, the Bee Observer, available for both mason and leafcutter bees, provides a fun and educational way to raise native bees, helping produce more food for our ever-growing population.

The Bee Observer is designed to be placed inside your Bee House, available as individual products and sets, and under your nesting materials to improve nesting, since bees typically nest near the bottom row of holes. You can periodically check on the Bee Observer and watch the nesting habits of bees; when bees gather pollen, lay eggs and spin cocoons. Although it’s frustrating to see, the destruction caused by bee pests and diseases is also observable and educational.

At the end of the nesting period, remove the tray from the bee home and place it somewhere easily observable. Parents could place them in their homes and teachers could place them in classrooms. Regardless of where they’re placed, they’re great for easy, exciting and educational observation.

The Bee Observer is manufactured locally by Jesse Card of Zot Lasers. Card raises a few thousand native bees annually keeping only a few hundred for himself, donating the rest back to Crown Bees through their Bee Buy Back Program. Card’s been doing laser cut work for roughly six years now, both locally and internationally, while also being the primary fabricator for many local businesses, artists and non-profits.

All of the materials used in manufacturing this product are locally sourced. Crown Bees provides the wood nesting trays. The mahogany wood casing is sourced in Ballard from Limback Lumber and covered in a waterproof linseed oil-based product, also locally sourced. An acrylic screen attached to the tray with stainless steel screws allows for easy observation. The product was designed to be convenient and efficient providing a tab to easily pull the tray out from the casing for observation.

The Bee Observers materials are laser cut during manufacturing to ensure precision, a clean look and limited waste. The little amount of wood waste encountered is composted.

Crown Bees is a company composed of solitary hole-nesting bee experts who care about the health of their native bees. They provide quality bee nesting supplies that encourage customers to follow the best practices when raising solitary native bees. They focus on educating their customers and properly managing their bee cocoons in order to ensure success. Raising native bees encourages pollinator diversity and increases crop yield in farms, gardens, and communities.

Add the Bee Observer to your gardening or farming practices and you’ll not only increase you and your neighbors’ yield, but you’ll be doing so in a fun and educational way as you observe the fascinating nesting habits of these super-pollinating, native bees.

Download the media kit for the Bee Observer announcement here.