Instructions: Spring Bee House Sets

Instructions: Spring Bee House Sets

Instructions: Spring Bee House Sets

Our bee house sets are bundled for savings and they are an easy way to expand your nesting materials and raise more bees. Our bee houses are made of Northwest cedar and our wood trays are reusable and are the quickest to open to harvest cocoons.

Our bee houses provide a roof and shelter that protects your nesting bees and wood trays from weather and wind. If needed, protection can be added to prevent birds from eating nesting and developing bees.

Bee House: Chalet, Cottage or Tower

  • Select a location that faces S to SE, morning sun is optimal to warm the bees so they can begin to fly. Provide afternoon shade in hot locations that are consistently above 90F/32C. 
  • Install bee house on a sturdy wall or fence, at eye level for easy observation of bee activity, about 5ft (1.5m) from the ground to protect from pests and predators. 
  • Locate the house within 300ft (100m) of your flowers.
  • Position your bee house away from birdhouses and bird feeders.

The keyhole back makes installation easy, just hang the cedar house on a screw or nail. You can also mount the bee house on top of a post.

In the fall or winter, uninstall the bee house for storage and this will improve the longevity of the house.

Wood Tray (8mm)
Place the nesting tray as far back in the house as possible. Keep the protective cardboard backing attached to the nesting tray. The cardboard backing encourages bees to nest in the trays by giving them a nesting hole that is closed on one end. At the end of bee activity for the season, remove the nesting tray and store in a BeeGuard Bag until cocoon harvest.

During cocoon harvest, use a stiff brush to remove pollen mites and debris and spot clean trays for chalkbrood infections with Clean Bee, a safe alternative to bleach. Store wood trays assembled with rubber bands to maintain tray shape.

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