Instructions: BeeTubes

Instructions: BeeTubes

Instructions: BeeTubes for Mason Bees, Leafcutter Bees and Wild Bees

Our cardboard BeeTubes are a low-cost nesting material and all of our BeeTubes are 6 inches in length. We offer BeeTubes in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameters for wild bees, summer leafcutter bees, and spring mason bees. The paper material allows moisture to move through the walls reducing moldy cocoons and improving bee health.

Pro Tip: 8mm BeeTubes work best when combined with Easy-Tear Inserts to protect spring mason bees from mono parasitic wasps.


Place nesting tubes in bee house with open ends facing out. Bees find their nesting holes by sight first and BeeTubes are very uniform looking. Provide visual markers by making an uneven 3D pattern or add some sticks between nesting tubes.

At the end of your bee’s flying season, remove the BeeTubes and store in a BeeGuard Bag until it’s time to harvest cocoons.

How to Open BeeTubes

Easy Tear Method

Carefully snip the end of a BeeTube and begin peeling apart in a diagonal tear. Use an opened paperclip to nudge any cocoons stuck at the spin-closed end of the BeeTube.

Soak Method

Our spring mason bee cocoons are waterproof and can withstand a good soak. Place your BeeTubes in a tub of lukewarm water and after about 20 minutes, the glue will dissolve. Our spring mason bee cocoons can stay immersed in water for an hour without damage to the bees.

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