Highlighting Heroes: Dr Jim Cane

Highlighting Heroes: Dr Jim Cane

Highlighting Heroes: Jim Cane, PhD; Research Entomologist, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Dr. Cane has been interested in comparative studies of solitary bees for 30 years, beginning with the evolutionary origins and use of lipid exocrine secretions to attract mates, repel predators, supplement larval diets, and waterproof/disinfect their nests. Work with these bees naturally led to study of their pollination services in both wildland and agricultural settings.

A bee species’ pollination value reflects its sustainable abundance, wherein habitat carrying capacity is capped by nesting opportunities and foraging success. Dr. Cane has applied his long-term interest in conservation to help measure, understand, and mitigate human factors that can shift nesting and foraging opportunities for bee communities, such as climate change, urban sprawl, habitat fragmentation, and rangeland rehabilitation.

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