June 28th, 2019 Press Release Crown Bees EnviroStars Recognition and Award

June 28th, 2019 Press Release Crown Bees EnviroStars Recognition and Award

Crown Bees is proud to announce its recognition by and partnership with EnviroStars, a free program offering rebates, resources, and incentives to businesses who take action to protect the environment and employee health and safety. 

Crown Bees founding mission is to ensure environmentally safe products, seeking out and purchasing materials that are sustainably grown, locally sourced and easily composted. We also set our product quality standards to ensure the health of bees raised by us and our customers.

Our Bee Houses are made with cedar wood grown in First Nations forests in Canada, managed with stricter sustainability policies than the Forest Stewardship Council. Our reeds, used for bee nesting materials, are sourced from various lakes around Utah, where the removal of this invasive plant species gets a second life as a nesting material. To reduce waste, while building our wood nesting trays for mason bees we set aside the second quality trays and use them locally for mason bee raising. The waterproofing agents used on our products are linseed oil-based and locally sourced, ensuring environmental safety. During fall harvest of our mason bee cocoons, we use Clean Bee, a non-toxic bleach alternative.

In addition to our commitment to environmentally sound material sourcing, we’ve taken the necessary steps to make our building green. We compost our food scraps, all of our lights are energy-efficient LED bulbs, and we use recycled cardboard to package all of our products. Our goal is to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint.

We are extremely proud to be recognized by EnviroStars for the sustainability of our work practices and look forward to building this partnership. We will continue to uphold our sustainable work practices while striving better help the environment as our business grows.

Crown Bees is a company composed of solitary, hole-nesting bee experts who care about the health of our native bees. We provide quality bee nesting supplies that encourage customers to follow the best practices when raising solitary native bees. We focus on educating our customers and properly managing our bee cocoons in order to ensure healthy bees.