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What's that white packing material around my spring mason bee cocoons?
What is your return policy?
What is your damaged goods policy?
Instructions: BeeWorks Chalet or Cottage
Instructions: BeeWorks BeeHut
Instructions: Spring Mason Bee Kit
Instructions: BeeHaven Bee House with Bees
Instructions: BeeBasics Hut - With Bees
Instructions: Native Bee Station
Instructions: Spring Bee House Sets
Instructions: Summer Bee House Set
Instructions: Chalet, Cottage, and Tower Bee Houses
Instructions: Summer Leafcutter Bee Kit
Instructions: Summer Garden Upgrade Kit
Instructions: BeeTubes
Instructions: Easy-Tear Inserts
Instructions: Natural Reeds for Native Bees
Instructions: Wood Trays
Instructions: Pollinator Pack
Instructions: Clean Bee™
Instructions: InvitaBee Attractant
Instructions: HumidiBee
Instructions: Mason Bee Mud Mix
Instructions: Spring Mason Bee Mud Box
Instructions: BeeGuard Bag
Instructions: CocoonGuard Bag
Instructions: Bee Defender
I have an unexpected heat wave, what do I do?
I don’t have open blooms, when should I release the bees?
How much time does it take to raise bees each year?
My mailbox can get hot during the summer. Is this an issue?
How can I participate in the Native Bee Network?
Which products are best for community gardens?
Can I schedule someone to come speak to our group?
Does Crown Bees buy mason bee cocoons?
What kind of bees do you purchase?
What’s the exchange rate for BeeBuyBack?
Instructions: BeeHut Bee House
Should I wait for the rain to pass when releasing bees?
How long does Clean Bee last?
How long does InvitaBee bee attractant last?
How do I keep my mud from drying up?
 What does an incremental or staggered release of bee cocoons mean?
How do I redeem a bee certificate?
I have an unexpected cold front or storm approaching, what should I do?
NBN Fall Observations
Wild Capped End Guide
Where should I place the bee house?

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