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What happens when Mason Bees fly?
Why does Crown Bees only ship bee cocoons on Mondays?
What's that white packing material around my spring mason bee cocoons?
What is your return policy?
What is your damaged goods policy?
Instructions: BeeWorks Chalet or Cottage
Instructions: BeeWorks BeeHut
Instructions: Spring Mason Bee Kit
Instructions: BeeHaven Bee House with Bees
Instructions: BeeBasics Hut - With Bees
Instructions: Native Bee Station
Instructions: Spring Bee House Sets
Instructions: Summer Bee House Set
Instructions: Chalet, Cottage, and Tower Bee Houses
Instructions: Summer Leafcutter Bee Kit
Instructions: Summer Garden Upgrade Kit
Instructions: BeeTubes
Instructions: Easy-Tear Inserts
Instructions: Natural Reeds for Native Bees
Instructions: Wood Trays
Instructions: Pollinator Pack
Instructions: Clean Bee™
Instructions: InvitaBee Attractant
Instructions: HumidiBee
Instructions: Mason Bee Mud Mix
Instructions: Spring Mason Bee Mud Box
Instructions: BeeGuard Bag
Instructions: CocoonGuard Bag
Instructions: Bee Defender
I have an unexpected heat wave, what do I do?
I don’t have open blooms, when should I release the bees?
How much time does it take to raise bees each year?
My mailbox can get hot during the summer. Is this an issue?
How can I participate in the Native Bee Network?
Which products are best for community gardens?
Can I schedule someone to come speak to our group?
Does Crown Bees buy mason bee cocoons?
What kind of bees do you purchase?
What’s the exchange rate for BeeBuyBack?
Instructions: BeeHut Bee House
Should I wait for the rain to pass when releasing bees?
How long does Clean Bee last?
How long does InvitaBee bee attractant last?
How do I keep my mud from drying up?
 What does an incremental or staggered release of bee cocoons mean?

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