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One Tree Planted video
Annual Mason Bee Harvest Party at Crown Bees
2019 Mason Bee Harvest Party
One Tree Planted video interview at Oxbow Farm in Washington State
A Natural Deterrent for Social Wasp Nests
June 28th, 2019 Press Release Crown Bees EnviroStars Recognition and Award
Instructions - AntCant
June 12th, 2019 Press Release Crown Bees Bee Observer
Pollinator Conservation: Time to Focus on Native Bees
What do I do with leafcutter bees in cold weather?
Instructions: Leafcutter Bee Observer - 6mm Tray
Instructions: Mason Bee Observer - 8mm Tray
Make Your Own Cocoon Release Tube
My mason bees haven't emerged. What can I do? (Opening cocoons)
Gingerbread Bee House
How do I pick a bee ship date?
If I order today, when will my package arrive?
How do you determine shipping fees?
How do I change the bee delivery date?
What do I do with mason bees that have emerged in the refrigerator?
How do I find my tracking number?
Will mason bees or leafcutter bees work in my yard?
Can hole-nesting bees live with honey bees?
Do honey bee problems impact native bees?
Are your bees native to my location?
Do solitary bees sting?
How long do solitary bees live?
How far do mason and leafcutter bees fly?
Will the bees disperse or fly off?
How do bees find the nesting holes?
How long does it take to process my order?
How do I modify my order or change my address?

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