Native Bee Network

Native Bee Network

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Register your NBN number.Register your unique NBN number included on the Native Bee Network Sticker. The unique number identifies your nesting site location in our national database. Registration will also connect you to program updates through our email list.

Set up your NBN nest site. In the spring or summer, set up your nesting site. [See next section “tips for success”]

Log into our NBN web-based app. Take pictures of the installed nesting site and store the site location on our app. The Native Bee Network Map App will help you return to the nest site and you will also use the app to input bee observations. Web app

Observation over Spring and Summer.Native hole-nesting bees are actively nesting throughout the spring and summer. Simply leave the nesting site installed during these seasons. Wedge a few sticks between reeds to deter birds from removing reeds.

Input results in the Fall. Log into the NBN Map App and enter observations like the number of filled reeds, natural nest building material used (mud, resin, grass, plant fuzz, etc), and a picture or two.

Store over Winter.Remove and store reeds in a protective location with outdoor temperatures, like an unheated shed or garage. Storing reeds over the winter will protect the hibernating bees from birds, ants, spiders, and other common pests. You will place reeds in the same location the following spring, so keep reeds from multiple nesting sites marked with their NBN number.

Reinstall nesting site in Spring.Place the stored reeds in the same location from the previous year.

Native Bee Network Sticker Registration

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