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Summer Leafcutter Bee Kit - Chalet or Cottage - With Bees


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Our summer kit features your choice of Chalet or Cottage bee house and leafcutter bee cocoons - incubated & ready to fly. For summer gardeners looking to increase pollination of their summer flowers and vegetables. Save 28% vs purchase of individual items! US orders only.

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SUMMER Leafcutter Bees available May—August

  • • Summer bees require temperatures of 75°F (24°C) or warmer AND sufficient sources of pollen/nectar for best performance.
  • • We incubate your summer bees so they arrive ready for immediate placement outdoors.
  • • If you are seeking pollination for your flowering summer vegetables, consider when these plants will flower. A seedling planted in April or May may not produce flowers until June or July.
  • • Current agricultural restrictions prohibit the shipment of leafcutter bees to the state of HI, and other countries outside of the continental United States.


  • • A hot mail box can be harmful to developing or emerging bees. If you are not home during the day to retrieve your bees, consider having them shipped to your workplace.
  • • Select the Monday when you would like your bees shipped, allowing 1-5 days for delivery. When the bees ship, you will receive a USPS tracking number by email.


  • • We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may not nest in your yard, may be eaten by birds, and may not emerge from their cocoons. We cannot guarantee survival, pollination of crops, or reproduction of bees.
  • • These bees are gentle, typically non-aggressive and rarely sting, While there have been no known reported cases of anaphylactic shock in association with these bees, the use and handling of solitary bees may result in allergic reaction for some users.
  • • Please consider signing up for BeeMail, our monthly newsletter, designed to provide tips and reminders to help ensure success.



Summer Leafcutter Kit - Chalet or Cottage Includes:

  • Chalet House, cedar wood (10 1/4" height x 10" wide x 8 1/2" deep)
  • OR Cottage House, cedar wood (10 1/4" height x 7.5" wide x 8 1/2" deep)
  • 78-hole reusable wood trays for summer leafcutter bees
  • 100+ Leafcutter bee cocoons, incubated and ready to fly
  • LeafGuardian bag to protect developing bees
  • Native Bee Guide: our step by step 26-page booklet
  • BeeGuard Bag to protect filled nesting tray over the winter
  • InvitaBee Attractant for Leafcutter Bees

Chalet House Features

  • Natural cedar wood sealed with protective clear coat finish.
  • Slanted to drain excess rain.
  • 2″ overhang protects nesting material and bees from rain.
  • Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal.
  • Can be placed on secure shelf or mounted to wall or fence.
  • Convenient cocoon release shelf under the roof.

Cottage House Features

  • Natural cedar wood sealed with protective clear coat finish.
  • Curved roof to drain excess rain.
  • 2″ overhang protects nesting material from rain.
  • Keyhole slot in back for easy installation and removal.
  • Can be placed on secure shelf or mounted to wall or fence.

Chalet or Cottage bee house, nesting trays, booklet, and accessories ship at time of order. Bee cocoons will ship in season on date selected.

We cannot ship bees outside the United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Additional Information

Additional Information


1. Install your bee house on a sturdy wall or fence facing the morning sun (south or south-east). Install at eye-level for ease of watching nesting bees.

2. In the summer, place 78-hole reusable wood nesting tray (6mm size holes) into the bee house and place your summer leafcutter cocoons inside, towards the back. In the fall, remove filled nesting tray and protect over the winter in the BeeGuard Bag. Harvest summer leafcutter cocoons in early spring and incubate them for next summer's pollination.

3. To extend the life of your bee house, uninstall the bee house and store over the fall and winter in an unheated garage or shed.

4. For detailed bee raising steps, sign up for our BeeMail newsletter!


Summer leafcutter bees ship May through August.

Not sure when to have your summer leafcutter bees delivered? Leafcutter bees need minimum 75F and your summer garden blooms ready to pollinate. If you are planting seeds or small starts, it may be several weeks before the plants are mature enough to blossom.

Please note: Leafcutter bees take about 3 weeks for us to incubate. If you request shipping prior to three weeks from the date of your order, shipping will be on a first come - first serve basis.

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