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Instructions: CocoonGuard Bag

The CocoonGuard Bag is a small fine mesh bag that protects your harvested bee cocoons or bee larvae over the winter until the bees are ready to be released in your bee house. Protecting and storing each kind of wild bee or beneficial wasp cocoon in its own CocoonGuard Bag will make managing your bee hotel easier.

Wild Bee Cocoon Guide

Chances are, your bee hotel or bee house will attract a hole-nesting wild bee.

You might be surprised to find strange cocoons during your mason bee harvest in the fall or leafcutter bee harvest in the spring. We want to help your local bee population thrive - here are our expert tips that can help you understand your bee house guests.

Spring Care for Wild Bees

Wild hole-nesting bees, depending on their season, may start flying soon!

You have two options for taking care of your wild hole-nesting bees. First, you can harvest wild bee cocoons in the early spring, which requires more time and effort but you will be rewarded with getting to know your wild bee guests. The second option requires less time while still providing wild bees with fresh nesting holes each year.

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