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Learn Native Bees
  • Native Bee Share Overview Grow More Food Together NATIVE BEE SHARE Native Bee Share is win-win-win! Our Native Bee Share program encourages public gardens and educational agencies to raise awareness of our native hole-nesting bees. Organizations and community groups can purchase a discounted all-in-one Native Bee Share Kit for their public gardens. The bee house creates awareness and provides education to visitors of the gardens, while also providing...
FAQ Central

Instructions: Spring Bee House Sets

Our bee house sets are bundled for savings and they are an easy way to expand your nesting materials and raise more bees. Our bee houses are made of Northwest cedar and our wood trays are reusable and are the quickest to open to harvest cocoons.

Instructions: Chalet, Cottage, and Tower Bee Houses

Our wooden bee houses are made from Northwest cedar, sustainably sourced from First Nation forests in British Columbia. The joints are glued and stapled to ensure they are structurally sound. The Chalet and Tower houses include an attic space that can be used for cocoon release. The Cottage has ample space above nesting holes for cocoon release.

Instructions: BeeWorks Chalet or Cottage

Our BeeWorks Kits come with everything you need to raise gentle mason bees for spring pollination and leafcutter bees for summer pollination. Mason bees and leafcutter bees are active in different seasons and you can use the same bee house to raise both bees.