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Instructions: Pollinator Pack

The Pollinator Pack provides a variety of nesting hole sizes in a combination of cardboard BeeTubes and Natural Reeds. North America is home to about 1,000 native bees species that nest above ground in nesting holes. Beneficial solitary wasps are also looking for nesting holes and they keep your garden pest population in balance. Native hole-nesting bees and beneficial wasps vary in size and they are looking for a nesting hole that is just the right size for them.

Instructions: Easy-Tear Inserts

Spring Easy-Tear Inserts: your mason bees should have clean nesting holes each year. Insert refills open easily and are designed for use with spring BeeTubes (8mm) or drilled blocks of wood.

Instructions: BeeTubes

Our cardboard BeeTubes are a low-cost nesting material and all of our BeeTubes are 6 inches in length. We offer BeeTubes in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm diameters for wild bees, summer leafcutter bees, and spring mason bees. The paper material allows moisture to move through the walls reducing moldy cocoons and improving bee health.