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Pollinator Pack for Wild Bees - 50 ct

Pollinator Pack for Wild Bees - 50 ct

Native Bee Guide, Second Edition

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Native Bee Guide Second Edition: Grow More Food and Flowers - a step by step guide on how to raise hole-nesting bees and optimize your garden's potential (26-pages, full-color booklet).


Join us in saving our bees & the world's food supply, one garden at a time.

Raising mason and leafcutter bees is easy. Learn how to raise & harvest native bees in this how-to guide. Updated, improved and expanded in our second edition!

You will get to know spring mason, summer leafcutter, and wild hole-nesting bees:

• Learn why native bees are gentle and non-aggressive.

• Get more food & flowers from increased pollination.

• Help increase the population of native bees.

• Timetables for raising mason, leafcutter, and wild bees.

• Steps for harvesting cocoons and incubating leafcutter cocoons.

• An overview of pests and what to do about them.

• A summary of bees, nesting material, houses, and accessories.

• Space for spring and summer bee-raising journals.

Easy to read, this 26-page booklet is a quick reference guide to help gardeners successfully raise spring, summer, and wild bees.

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