Summer Tower and 156-Hole Wood Tray Set for Leafcutter Bees

Summer Tower and 156-Hole Wood Tray Set for Leafcutter Bees

Native Bee Station Bee House

Native Bee Station

Native Bee Network Sticker

Register your bee house with a unique NBN number to participate in our Native Bee Network. Our NBN stickers cost $3 and include the sticker, shipping, and registration into our national database.

  • Buy 2 for $2.00 each and save 33%
  • Buy 3 for $1.66 each and save 45%
  • Buy 4 for $1.50 each and save 50%
  • Buy 5 for $1.40 each and save 53%
  • Buy 6 for $1.33 each and save 56%
  • Buy 7 for $1.29 each and save 57%
  • Buy 8 for $1.25 each and save 58%
  • Buy 9 for $1.22 each and save 59%
  • Buy 10 for $1.20 each and save 60%

Join the Native Bee Network - a citizen science project - and help find native bees across North America.

Wild bees in your backyard can be the perfect bees for pollinating your local farms and orchards. Add your wild bee habitat to our growing Native Bee Network database by purchasing a Native Bee Network Sticker. Each sticker includes a unique NBN Number that connects your nesting site to the Native Bee Network Map.

Use the NBN Sticker number to register your native bee house via our handy web-app, accessed with your smartphone. The NBN Map App will help remind you where your nesting site is located and will make retrieval in the fall easier.

Your registered bee house will help us answer important questions about how to raise and support our wild native bees! 

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