Our Newest Air Bee N' Bee Listing: Cabin Fever

Our Newest Air Bee N' Bee Listing: Cabin Fever

Super (Pollinator) Host

468 guests - 78 bedrooms - 78 beds - 0 baths

Entire home: Guests will have the Bee Cabin to themselves.

Enhanced Clean: Optional enhanced cleaning process with Clean Bee available.

Self-check-in: Check-in with easy access, dual cocoon hatcheries.

House rules: The Super (Pollinator) Host doesn't allow bamboo nesting materials or Houdini Flies.

About this space

The Bee Cabin is a private bee house nestled in your yard or garden. Offering unique architecture with optional mud box, romantic loft w/cocoon hatcheries, fully stocked garden, and off-street parking. The Bee Cabin's rustic eloquence inspires pollinator romance.

Cozy up and relax in the rustic cabin atmosphere that requires a very short flight across the yard to access. Treat yourself to a refreshing dip in the optional private mud box surrounded by blooming trees and bushes.

Enjoy all the amenities the Cabin has to offer:

  • An outdoor kitchen
  • Dual hatchery lofts
  • Removable partitions to accommodate various nesting materials
  • A rooftop sitting area with occasional access to the neighbor's Wi-Fi
  • A deck overlooking the garden

Take a scenic flight to the backyard if you're craving an apple blossom, or stop at the neighbor's blueberry bush for a mid-morning snack. While there, pick up some pollen for the kids, and don't forget your free mud balls!

Sleeping arrangements


  • Open air, outdoor bathrooms


  • Trendy, circular-shaped rooms
  • Bring your favorite bedroom door, preferably mud or leaves
  • Optional InvitaBee attractant add-on for those special occasions

Heating and cooling

  • Solar heating

Kitchen and dining

  • Rustic outdoor kitchen
  • Expansive space where guests can gather their own meals

Location features

  • Public entrance
  • South-east facing for morning sunshine


  • Patio or balcony
  • Garden or backyard

Getting around

Having wings is the most convenient way to get around the yard and garden. There are westerly gusts of wind during commuter hours that blow our guests toward the apple trees. You can also walk to the strawberry bushes if too tired to fly.

House rules

  • Self-check-in with hatchery lofts
  • Check-in: Minimum daytime temperatures of 55F/13C
  • Check-out: Late spring, early summer

Additional rules

  • Quiet time after 10 PM
  • Absolutely no fireworks or Houdini flies!
  • Additional guests and pollination events are welcome free of charge.
  • For safety reasons, young guests should be encouraged to sleep in the hatchery lofts or provided nesting materials, not in the mud tub.

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