Blueberry Farm Pollination with Mason Bees

Blueberry Farm Pollination with Mason Bees

Blue orchard mason bees (Osmia lignaria) are native bees that are active in the spring and are the perfect pollinators for blueberry fields.

Emerging from their cocoons in the spring, they fly in cooler and wetter weather than honey bees. Instead of living in a hive, mason bees live in pre-made holes and every female bee takes care of her own nest. Doing all of her own work means that solitary bees are gentler and better for you-pick farms.

Mason bees are excellent pollinators who carry pollen loose and dry on their hairy bellies.

They only fly 300 feet from their nest and you can time release of their cocoons with your field’s bloom. Mason bees use clayey mud to protect their nests, if needed, you can add a clayey mud mix near their nesting sites.


Blue orchard mason bee on blueberry bloom

Taking care of mason bees is easy with Crown Bees’ leasing program.

Set up their nesting site, place cocoons out, ensure their mud source, and send nesting holes back at the end of spring. You will grow more blueberries when you add a pollinator like our gentle spring mason bees.

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