Early Spring? Releasing Cocoons

Releasing, or setting out cocoons into your bee house, is easy! The mason bees will chew out of their cocoons, fly, and return to the bee house to choose their nesting hole. 

• Check your 10-day forecast: bees need consistent 55F/13C, open blooms, and sun to fly
• Stagger your release: try setting out 1/2 or 1/3 of your cocoons, wait a week or two & repeat
• Set out small (male) + large (female) cocoons
• Windy? Put cocoons into a small paper cup and tuck into the back of the house
• Always keep bee cocoons out of direct sunlight!

Feeding Early Emerged Bees
Don't worry, you can provide early bloomers inside of your HumidiBee with a couple of options. Mason bees have their own personalities and giving them a couple of different feeding options gives them the chance to choose what they like.
• A cotton ball soaked in 50:50 sugar to water solution
• Early blooms: a few dandelions, heather, etc
• Replace the cotton ball or flowers every day
• Darkness and cold keeps the bees sleepy, cover the HumidiBee with a paper bag and keep the bees in your fridge until your fruit trees are ready
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