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Spring Natural Reeds for Mason Bees

Spring Natural Reeds for Mason Bees - 8mm

Wild Bee Cardboard BeeTubes - 4mm

An easy to open cardboard tube in the 4mm size that small wild bees prefer. Great for beneficial wasps like the aphid hunting wasp. Save 30% when you order this item in bulk quantity of 250!

As low as $13.95

Cardboard BeeTubes are an innovative nesting tube that tears open easily.

Many small native bees and beneficial wasps prefer a 4mm diameter size nesting hole. These are the perfect size for Osmia atriventris and Osmia pumila mason bees and small beneficial wasps such as the aphid hunting wasp in the Pemphredon genus.

Wild Bee Cardboard BeeTube - 4mm Features:

• 6" long BeeTube fits into all Crown Bees houses.

• Spiral tears easily for wild cocoon harvest in the spring.

• Made from 100% recyclable paper, no plastics that trap moisture.

• An innovative spin-closed end for sorting of empty or filled BeeTubes. 

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Manufacturer Crown Bees
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