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Spring Cardboard BeeTubes for Mason Bees - 8mm - 250 ct - BULK


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Short Description

Bulk supply of easy to open cardboard tubes in the 8mm size that spring mason bees prefer. Great for summer beneficial wasps.

Save 15% with this bulk order!



Spring BeeTube for Mason Bees, an innovative tube that tears open easily.

Now you only need one tube instead of a tube and insert saving you money!

Spring BeeTube Features:

  • Designed for spring mason bees: 6" long with 8mm sized holes.
  • The tube is easy to tear open to harvest mason bee cocoons in the fall.
  • Made from 100% recyclable paper. No plastics that trap moisture.
  • Innovative view hole that assists in sorting empty BeeTubes.

Also available in quantity of 36.

Nesting holes of 8mm are also preferred by summer beneficial hole-nesting wasps that hunt garden pests.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Place BeeTubes, open end facing outward, in your bee house. Try adding a few twigs or sticks between tubes to break up the pattern and create visual landmarks.

Keep your BeeTubes out of direct rain, provide a 2" overhang.

To open BeeTubes, first, nick the end with scissors or a razor blade and unravel, exposing cocoons.

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