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BeeHut Bee House


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Short Description

The BeeHut bee house is perfectly sized for the beginner native bee raiser or for smaller yards or gardens. Bee house design and material provides optimal protection for nesting bees.



The BeeHut bee house is strong, durable and simple to install.

  • Made of weather-resistant PVC material, safe for agricultural use.
  • Slightly ridged exterior directs water to ground.
  • Interior lip prevents water from entering nesting tubes, keeping bees and nesting material dry during spring showers.
  • Will hold 40 spring mason BeeTubes, 50 summer leafcutter BeeTubes, 20 spring natural reeds, 30 summer natural reeds or a 12-hole wood tray (for mason bees) or a 20-hole wood tray for leafcutter bees.
  • Size: 9 1/2" deep x 3 1/2" diameter

Bees and nesting material not included.

Wood stand not included.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Installation instructions

1. Select a location facing early morning sun to awaken and warm your bees.

2. Position 5-7 feet from the ground for easy viewing and to deter pests.

3. Remove the base cap (with mounting holes) and secure the cap to a wall, fence, or flat surface using screws (recommended) or nails.  Note: screws/nails not included due to varying mounting surfaces and thicknesses.

4. Goal is to have a slight downward angle for rain protection but not so steep that the nesting material falls out.  Achieve this angle by first tightening and then backing the top screw out one full turn and the bottom screw ½ of a turn after tightening. If securing with nails, do not drive top nail flush to achieve same angle as screw mounting.

5. Gently push the BeeHut housing into the mounted base cap. 

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