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The BeeHaven kit introduces gardeners to solitary summer leafcutter bees. Kit includes BeeHaven house, nesting tubes and gentle summer bees. Bee house is simple to mount, making it easy to raise leafcutter bees for summer gardens! Bees shipped through redemption of certificate code included on BeeHaven label.

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This is a gardener's introduction to raising solitary leafcutter bees.

Kit contains:

  • BeeHaven house (8" long x 2" wide x 2" tall) with instructions
  • 12 - 6mm EasyTear tubes for leafcutter bees
  • Certificate for 30 leafcutter bee cocoons*

        *Redeem certificate at www.crownbees.com/certificate and bees will ship directly to your door. Kit price includes shipping of bees.

For installation instructions visit our BeeHaven Instruction page.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Easy Set Up for Installation of BeeHaven House

  • Select a location that receives early morning sun to awaken and warm your bees.
  • If summer afternoon temperatures are very hot (100⁰+F, 38⁰+C), ensure BeeHaven house receives afternoon shade.
  • Position house 5-7 ft. (1.5-2 m) from ground, for easy viewing and protection from pests.
  • Place your bee house out of sight of any bird houses. Birds love to munch bees.
  • Locate the house within 100 - 300 ft. (30-91 m) of a pollen source.
  • For best results, surface mount the BeeHaven house to post or wall.  Insert a screw to selected vertical surface
  • Once bees have begun nesting, do not relocate the BeeHaven house as bees get lost.
  • A video on setup can be found at www.crownbees.com/videos.

Preparation for Surface Mounting

Sink a screw or headed nail into flat surface such as fence post, or wall so screw or nail head protrudes from wall approximately 1/4 inch.  Slide end cap key hole of BeeHaven over screw head.  BeeHaven houses are intended to be removed and re-mounted as you add and manage your bees.

Note: Screws/nails not included due to varying mounting surfaces and thicknesses.  

How to Redeem Leafcutter Bee Certificate 

Summer bees ship each Monday, May 16-Aug 15. Crown Bees incubates its leafcutter bees so they are delivered ready to begin pollinating. 

To redeem your leafcutter bee certificate, click here.  Enter certificate code. Complete contact information. Note: Summer leafcutter bees fly best when daytime temperatures are 75°F+ (24°C+). Schedule delivery when you can count on summer-like conditions. Bees ship via the US Postal Service and will arrive in your mailbox.

Delivery of Leafcutter Bees and Placement in BeeHaven House

You may find that some of your leafcutter bees have emerged in shipping and will be crawling in the LeafGuardian™ protective mesh bag. This is okay. They’re ready to go to work! 

While leafcutter bees are gentle, solitary bees, they may sting if they feel life-threatened. Handle them respectfully. Place the closed LeafGuardian bag in your refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to slow down any active bees making them easier to handle. Remove BeeHaven from wall/post and remove nesting tubes from BeeHaven house. Open the LeafGuardian bag and gently pour cooled bees and/or cocoons into the BeeHaven house allowing them to gather in bottom of end cap. Note:  hold finger over key hole to prevent cocoons from falling out.  Gently place nesting tubes back into BeeHaven house with open ends of tubes facing out.  The end of the tubes should be about 3/4 inches inside the front edge of the BeeHaven house.  Re-mount the BeeHaven with contents back onto screw in wall/post.

As the bees warm, they will emerge from their cocoons, crawl forward over nesting tubes and fly out of the BeeHaven house in search of pollen and nectar from nutritious blossoms. Get in close to watch leafcutter bee activity. Look for small neatly cut circles in plant leaves. Leafcutter bees live about 6 weeks. The eggs they lay are next year’s bees.

To learn more about leafcutter bee life cycles, natural predators, and how best to raise these gentle bees, For further instructions, read the learn sectoin  of our website or follow tips/reminders in Bee-Mail.


We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may not nest in your yard, may be eaten by birds, and may not emerge from their cocoons. We cannot guarantee survival, pollination of crops, or reproduction of bees.

These bees are gentle, typically non-aggressive and rarely sting, While there have been no known reported cases of anaphylactic shock in association with these bees, the use and handling of solitary bees may result in allergic reaction for some users.


This kit has been designed as a gardener's introduction to raising solitary leafcutter bees. This kit includes the BeeHaven house, 12 - 6mm EasyTear tubes and a certificate for 30 leafcutter bees.  Bee house is simple to mount, making it easy to raise leafcutter bees for summer gardens!  Certificate code included on BeeHaven label is redeemed online and bees are shipped in response to redemption.

Meeting your expectations: We care about your success and do our best to provide healthy bees. While most of our customers successfully raise gentle bees, it is important to understand that bees are wild insects and may find other holes in your yard. They may get eaten by birds and fly/nest best when in their appropriate temperature range. Native bees may not like the smell of chemical lawn/yard treatments or similar chemicals and might nest elsewhere


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