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Spring Cardboard BeeTubes and Inserts for Mason Bees - 8mm - 250 ct - BULK


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Short Description

BeeTubes and Inserts for added protection and ease of harvesting.

Spring mason bees prefer 8mm diameter nesting holes. Great for summer beneficial wasps.

Save 20% with this bulk order!



BeeTubes and Inserts provide great protection!

BeeTubes combined with Easy-Tear Inserts give an extra layer of protection against parasitic wasps.

  • BeeTubes are made from 100% recyclable paper. No plastics that trap moisture.
  • Innovative view hole that assists in sorting empty BeeTubes.
  • The inside diameter of a BeeTube is 8mm (5/16"). Length is 6".
  • Inserts are 6-1/8" long, making removal from BeeTube a breeze.
  • Inserts are thinner walled and made from glassine making opening very easy.
  • Simply replace inserts every year.

Also available as quantity of 36 BeeTubes and Inserts.

Additional Information

Additional Information


Place BeeTubes and Inserts, open end facing outward, in your bee house. Try adding a few twigs or sticks between tubes to break up the pattern and create visual landmarks.

Keep your BeeTubes and Inserts out of direct rain, provide a 2" overhang.

Easy-Tear Inserts can be opened easily and unraveled for cocoon harvest in the fall.

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