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AntCant - Ant Barrier Coating

Stop ants from walking into your bee house or bee hotel with AntCant kits. AntCant includes smooth aluminum tape and AntCant Ant Barrier Coating spray.


Protect your Bee House or Bee Hotel from ant infestations.

AntCant is an easy to apply coating that produces a surface that ants and potentially other insects cannot adhere to and gain traction.

When applied to a smooth inclined surface, the ants effectively slip off the surface and cannot cross the barrier. They soon give up and go away.

No more water moats required!

Two-Inch-Wide smooth aluminum tape is included (3 feet length). We recommend wrapping the aluminum tape around non-smooth surfaces prior to applying AntCant. Apply the aluminum tape to the back sides of your native bee house or the surface where the bee house is mounted.

This product is non-toxic and does not kill the ants, it only prevents them from climbing so that they give up and go away.

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