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About Crown Bees

Our Vision for a Healthy World

Gardeners and farmers get more food with the help of the right bee on the right crop. It’s that simple. Research and field trials have proven the relationship between bee diversity and crop yield over the past few decades. Crown Bees advocates for, raises, and sells hole-nesting bees that pollinate significantly better than the honey bee.

Our History

Crown Bees began in Dave Hunter's garage in 2008, when he began raising mason bees in earnest to supply bees for the almond industry. Our retail website was launched in 2009 and by 2010 Crown Bees had product in nurseries throughout the northwest. Since then, we have increased online sales, expanded our nursery and hardware store sales nationally, become advisers to academia, spoken at the United Nations about food security, and partnered with multiple nonprofits.

Our Goal

Crown Bees doesn’t just sell product. We strive to fully educate you for success. We would like each gardener to be more sustainable and raise more food through earth-centric practices. Everything we learn from commercial use, academic research and field trials is passed on to you in videos, web pages, and our monthly BeeMail newsletter where we provide readers with timely reminders and steps for success.

Our Ethics

 "In our sphere of influence, do good" remains our mantra. We work to keep our carbon footprint down.

  • All products are sourced within the US.
  • Our cedar that we purchase comes from First Nation forests in British Columbia. Their sustainable requirements are one of the most stringent in the forestry industry.
  • We harvest our bees so that most all pests are found and removed.
  • Even our invitaBee products are run through filtering equipment to extract any pathogens that might be present.
  • We are an open book with sharing research knowledge. What we learn, we pass to others. 
  • We back up our products and bees. If you have an issue, we'll work with you towards a best solution. We care.


  • Dave Hunter, Crown Bees Founder & Owner

    DAVE: Founder & Owner

    Dave enjoys each step in his adventure of “how to grow a lasting company”. To bring in talented and equally passionate teammates has been a blessing. Crown Bees will continue to expand bringing in more talent, awareness to natural pollination solutions and ultimately more food for the world. Each company starts as an idea. Dave believes through work, prayer, patience, awesome talent, and great timing, a small group can change the world.

    "I hope Crown Bees succeeds widely beyond my dreams."

  • KIRK: Operations Manager

    Kirk studied Wildlife Management and Resource Managment at the University of Wisconsin. He has 40 years of experience with inventory management, warehouse logistics and operations management in the food industry. Kirk's food manaufacturing experience consists of cheese, coffee, canned vegetables, and fish. Kirk has been an active outdoorsman since his youth, he enjoys mountaineering, hiking, fishing, grilling and microbrews. While leading a Seattle Mountaineer, snow-shoe trip, Kirk met his special gal Kristine. Kirk and Kirstine live happily in the downtown Seattle area with their dog Pilot.


  • Jay Williams, Crown Bees Director of Farm Operations

    JAY: Director of Farm Operations

    Jay has been working in the bee industry for nearly a decade. His bees and award winning honey have graced the cover and been featured in multiple magazine and media outlets nationwide. He is an active participant in the bee community through education and preservation of pollinator habitats. His passion is working with organic farmers to maximize production and minimize headaches. A graduate of Northwestern University film school, Jay is always trying to capture and promote the amazing results that occur when solitary bees and farmers work together. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Crown Bees and promote innovative pollination practices nationwide. 

  • TORIE: Office Manager

    Torie is our new office manager, she earned her degree in Biology from the Evergreen State College and posesses passion for all things sustainable and envirnmentally friendly. Torie enjoys working with her Crown Bee teammates, and is currently colaborating on different strategies to help our company grow. When she is not at work you can find her working on backyard projects with her husband Mark and their cat Ailish. 

  • DEMARUS, Crown Bees Environmental Programs Director

    DEMARUS: Environmental Programs

    Demarus is devoted to defining environmental ethics and sustainable behavior. Much of her knowledge comes from growing up on the Alaskan tundra and among Native American communities across the continent. She earned her Environmental Studies degree from the University of Washington in 2015 and she enjoys writing, editing, and forming relationships with community leaders. When she isn't working, she's probably knitting, weaving, or spinning fiber into yarn.

  • GORDON, Crown Bees Canada

    GORDON: Crown Bees Canada

    Gordon is our northern neighbor and the liaison for Crown Bees Canadian customers. He has been raising mason bees for 15 years on his rural acreage to pollinate his own orchard. He started business in 2009 and currently provides Mason bees to over 500 homeowners and has grown his stock of bees to the levels required to start pollinating orchards. His efforts have recently earned him a “Best Environmental and Sustainable Business of the Year” award. He believes the real reward is talking with customers and hearing how they went from very small harvests from their fruit trees to bumper crops with the addition of mason bees. In his off time he enjoys water skiing and dirt biking.

  • Kyle, Crown Bees Shipping & Receiving

    KYLE: Shipping & Receiving, Chief Fact Officer

    Kyle keeps the shipping and receiving side of Crown Bees running smoothly. Everyday, Kyle gives us a "Fact of the Day" so we can discuss how many taste buds cats have (~470, compared to humans with ~10,000) and other important issues. He even emails us the facts when he's on vacation! In his spare time he enjoys sports, food and chess.

  • Karl Alexander, Media Director

    KARL: Media Director

    Karl is a digital marketing specialist, commercial photographer and film director from Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. He has a degrees in Multimedia Production and Multicultural Interpretive Storytelling and his work can be seen on Discovery Channel, travel magazines and in Caribbean art galleries. When he's not filming, Karl can be found swimming with large marine creatures and exploring muddy mountain bike trails.

  • PILOT, security officer

    PILOT: Chief Security Officer

    Pilot is our beloved Boxer. Pilot spends his days roaming the office seeking out potential security threats, ready to deter with unlimited drool. Enter at your own risk.

  • SOPHIE, Crown Bees Mascot

    Sophie: Chief Play Officer & Overly Enthusiastic Greeter

    Sophie is a playful labradoodle that loves to distract everyone at Crown Bees with her newest toy, especially if it's a tennis ball. Sophie keeps morale high by taking us on bounding jaunts along the stream behind our warehouse. Sophie maintains a strict treat routine throughout the office to help us keep track of the day. She’s also our mail room attendant, but we currently only trust her with the junk mail!