Native Bee Network

Native Bee Network

Introducing the Native Bee Network

Join & Discover Your Local Native Bees


The Native Bee Network program empowers citizen scientists to find, identify, and raise our native hole-nesting bees across the country.

Ultimately, native bees discovered in our program will be raised in our organic farms and orchards for food production. The Native Bee Network is a long-term program that starts now.


Raising and supporting native bees will be a vital part of our sustainable agricultural future. Crown Bees' leading Native Bee Network (NBN) program works with individuals and groups to find, identify, and raise native hole-nesting bees in nearby farms and orchards.

New research shows that a diversity of pollinators is vital to effectively pollinate our crops. Scientific studies over the past 30 years conclude that native bees are better-suited pollinators of nutritious foods like fruit, nuts, berries, and vegetables.

We’re focusing on hole-nesting bees. While about 75% of our native bees nest in the ground, we’re unable to relocate without damaging these vital pollinators. We can safely harvest hole-nesting bee cocoons and move hole-nesting bees from your yard to a neighbor’s garden or to a local farmer’s field or orchard.

We believe the best native bee for local pollination is already in your area, but they are not currently raised to pollinate farms. Join us in finding and raising native hole-nesting bees!

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