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  1. Learn about mason and other solitary bees in this informative and entertaining book written by Dave Hunter and Jill Lightner

  2. Healthy spring mason bees for spring pollination. (20 cocoons/order) Price includes FREE First Class shipping!

    We mail spring mason bees most Mondays, February - April, 2017. Select your date to ship below.

  3. InvitaBee™ Bee Attractant for all Leafcutter Bees helps to attract leafcutter bees to your bee house.

  4. This basic dual season kit features our durable BeeHut house, BeeTube nesting tubes and bees.  Designed for gardeners new to gentle bees. 


  5. The BeeHaven kit introduces gardeners to solitary summer leafcutter bees. Kit includes BeeHaven house, nesting tubes and gentle summer bees. Bee house is simple to mount, making it easy to raise leafcutter bees for summer gardens! Bees shipped through redemption of certificate code included on BeeHaven label.

  6. This complete kit features the cozy Cabin bee house and includes mason and leafcutter bees, reusable spring and summer wood trays and complete accessories. Designed for the gardener desiring to wade into the world of sustainable gentle bee raising.


  7. This complete kit features our durable BeeHut house and includes mason and leafcutter bees, BeeTube nesting tubes for both bees and complete accessories to help ensure success. Designed for the enthusiastic gardener desiring function and a great price.


  8. This deluxe dual season kit  is designed for the avid gardener desiring a rich look. Hard goods ship at time of order. Bees ship in season.

  9. Native Bee Guide: Grow More Food and Flowers - how to raise gentle solitary bees and optimize your garden's potential (16-pages, full color booklet).

  10. Wading into the world of spring mason bees is easy with this medium-sized spring kit featuring your choice of cedar Chalet or Cottage house. Includes reusable wood nesting trays, spring bee accessories and mason bees. Designed for gardeners seeking to boost springtime pollination.


  11. This medium-sized summer kit includes the popular Chalet House or stylish Cottage House along with (100+) leafcutter bees, leafcutter wood trays and easy to read instructional booklet. Designed for avid summer gardeners desiring to increase pollination of their summer flowers and vegetables.


  12. This durable BeeHut starter kit features a long overhang for protection from sun and wind, ribbed exterior for water shedding and ample room for releasing of bee cocoons from behind nesting tubes.  Kit includes 50 BeeTube nesting tubes for spring mason and summer leafcutter bees.  

  13. A medium-sized cedar wood house, the Cottage House and re-usable wood tray set is a great starter kit for the serious mason bee raiser who does not want to compromise style for price.

    Bees not included.

  14. A medium-sized house and hole set, the Chalet House and 48-hole wood tray is perfect for beginner or experienced spring mason bee raisers who are interested in both style and function.  House is crafted from Northwest red cedar and features an attic area for protection and release of bee cocoons.

    Bees and accessories available separately.

  15. Our largest house and hole set, the Tower House and 96-hole wood tray is designed for the serious spring mason bee raiser or for the gardener with a larger yard. House is made from Northwest red cedar and features an attic area for protection and release of bee cocoons.

    Bees and accessories are not included.

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