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Tabling Program Kit


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Short Description

42% off retail pricing!

Interested in helping spread the word about native bees? Help us reach your community and be paid for your time! See description and instructions below.




About the program:

Through your help, we can reach other gardeners and home owners in your community to learn about native hole-nesting bees. Having a presence at a local Farmers Market more people are introduced to these awesome native pollinators. 

You get products that you'd normally find in a nursery or store for wholesale prices. Sell as much as you'd like and refill as often as you need to. Our brochures and signage will help people wonder what you're selling. We hope through you being the local expert (Out of everyone there, you ARE the expert) people learn. Don't worry about knowing everything... point them to our website to learn!

What's in the bundle:

- 1 case of BeeHaven houses with leafcutter bee certificates (12 each in case)

- 6 Leafcutter bee certificates for 50 leafcutter bees that are mailed

- 1 Chalet house

- 6 6mm tubes (50 tubes in each box)

- 1 104-hole leafcutter wood tray

- 6 Invitabee Leafcutter bee attractant

- 6 Native Bee Guide booklets

- 50 brochures on Discover Native Hive-less Bees


Rather than require a business license, by selling our products in your state, you agree to pay your appropriate taxes to your community and state.

You are the local native bee expert at your Farmer's Market. Read up in the learn section prior to selling!

To get started, buy this bundle now. We'll send you a file for a banner that you can print out at a local print shop. When you want to reorder, send us an email and we'll provide you an order form for refilling what you sold.


Tips from Heather, one of our first bee advocates who sells at Farmers Markets in Indiana:

Educate yourself first. Read through the Learn page on this website and familiarize yourself with the products and how to use them. Understand "why" you'd use them as well.

Obtain a booth space from your local market. Print out a picture of a native bee. Have examples of a cocoon husk and other things you've learned/have on hand.

Educate your new customers. Be patient. The people that bought most often purchased a booklet first, and were told to read up, find out what they wanted, and then come back next week.

Heather found that most people ask these questions:

  1. How do I get rid of a bee in my yard?
  2. How do I start raising honey bees?
  3. I know about native bees, can you teach me more?

Have a small story prepared for each question.

  1. Most people associate wasps and hornets with bees. Bees are like vegetarians, wasps are paralizers, and hornets are meat eaters. Each play a role in a thriving ecology to reduce prey/pests from a yard.
  2. Honey bees reduce populations of native bees by about 81% through starvation and spreading their diseases. While awesome honey making insects, they are not great pollinators like the bees you are selling.
  3. Learn from our website!

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