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Total Accessories Package for Spring Mason Bees


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Short Description

When it comes to protecting, raising and maintaining your native bees, the Total Accessories Package can help to ensure ease and success.  A job is always made easier with the right tool!



To help you be more successful, all essential accessories are combined in one package.

Spring Mason Bee Attractant "InvitaBee"Plus (for all mason bees)

With the use of the USDA patented Bee Attractant, your mason bees will have a higher probability of nesting in your tubes/reeds/trays and downwind wild mason bees will look to nest in these holes as well.  InvitaBee Plus also includes 5 natural lakebed reeds - a favorite nesting hole for mason bees. (Don't forget to have small holes for small mason bees!)

Cocoon Humidifier  "HumidiBee"

Hibernating bees from the fall to spring survive best when stored at a constant 38-40° F (4° C) temperature. The Cocoon Humidifier helps keep the humidity level in a frost-free refrigerator at acceptable moisture levels.

BeeGuardian Bag

Pests want access to your developing bees! Your nesting material should be kept in a safe, guarded enclosure to prevent parasitic wasps, birds, carpet beetles, earwigs, and other pests from eating your bees. This fine-mesh bag is best used once your bees are finished with their activity in June.

Mason Bee Mud

An available clayey mud source is crutial to successfully raising mason bees.  For this reason we have packaged powdered dry clay that can be added to sandy/laomy soil to provide your bees with mud that they can easily pick up and use in their nesting cativities.

Mason Bees ~ Gentle-Natured Garden Caretakers Booklet

This how to booklet is designed to help those new to mason bees to understand the ease and value of raising these gentle pollinators.  This booklet contains simple instructions and an easy to follow activity time line.

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