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Pollinator Pack Nesting Holes for Big and Small Solitary Bees and Beneficial Wasps


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Short Description

Native bees and beneficial wasps, big and small are looking for nesting holes. This variety "Pollinator Pack" includes EasyTear tubes and Natural Lakebed Reeds of varying sizes. Discover what your nesting bees prefer! Total count: 50 tubes/reeds.



What size nesting hole do your local spring or summer native bees prefer?  We've combined varying sizes of EasyTear tubes and Natural Lakebed Reeds.  Each box contains:

  • 10 8mm EasyTear Tubes
  • 10 6mm EasyTear Tubes
  • 10 4mm EasyTear Tubes
  • 10 Natural Reeds (Large)
  • 10 Natural Reeds (Small)

EasyTear tubes and reeds open easily making removal of cocoons a snap. Hole nesting solitary bees and beneficial wasps are diverse and prevalent throughout North America. Help us learn what solitary bees and wasps live around you. See what straw size they prefer! Harvest your various full tubes/reeds discovering which your bees prefer. Take pictures and send us your results. We'll help you to identify what is nesting inside.

Construct your own native bee habitat or purchase one of our unique houses.

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